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 History of Waianae Community Outreach
 1984   – Sacred Heart Church Waianae, providing human and social services to the needy of the community. The development of intake and assessment, information and referrals, and community networking to build service partnerships

 1986   – Assisted with establishing the Waianae Coalition for Human Services, attending monthly meetings to establish a “best practice” of networking within the community to address the needs of those vulnerable in the educational, vocational, health and financial sectors. First year to receive foundation (grant funds) award to provide “Person-In-Need” funds. A committee was created with using the community agencies and a resident as a reviewing panel for those that requested financial assistance via grants obtained by foundations and private donors. This process allowed for the community resources to be evaluated in its existence and effectiveness.

 1988   – Formal agreements established with companies, agencies and organizations that provide specific services to the client and community. A program was established to provide “give-back” for all assistance provided to clients. This process allowed people the empowerment of earning what is needed, giving a “hand up” and not “hand out”. Restoring dignity and responsibility in addition to building awareness and skills for the clients to use in the future of seeking employment and other resources and staining their needs.

 1992   – Change in corporate support towards non-profit from the Roman Catholic Church to the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Preparing for independent status as a non-profit organization with the IRS. Change in the primary focus to provide services to the unsheltered and sheltered individuals and families on the leeward coast. Reorganizing the intake and assessment process as well as the information and referral process to assure continued connection in the community is being made and assessment of services provided in the community is meeting the needs of those that are vulnerable. Closure of Makua beach evicted individuals and families with no other housing options. Dialogue begins to set aside a beach park to give the unsheltered a place for assessment and engagement to services without interruption. Weinberg shelter opens to address this need. A process was developed to verify homelessness because the community was concerned that people from outside of the community would be coming in to take up the resources and our people would not be able to access the services. Based on this request, the procedure to establish and verify homelessness is the outreach worker will make 3 encounters on the beach in order to assess that the individual or family is homeless in addition questions used on the assessment tool requires information that links the individual or family to the community, i.e. extended family in the community, other provides in the community.

 1999   – Pilot project implemented for the unsheltered homeless at Keaau Beach Park. A partnership was established between the agency, the city’s parks and recreation director and the HPD district 8. Temporary funding was issued by the City to manage this project for staffing and other project cost. This agreement allowed those living on Keaau Beach Park that was engaging with the agency a temporary stay at their site with conditions. This project last a year and was successful in terms of people engaging in services that addresses their barriers to housing and allowing placement into housing for more than 75 families during the year’s project.

 2000   – first contract for services with the State of Hawaii was awarded independently to the agency to provide Homeless Outreach Services to those that are unsheltered and living on the beaches of the coast.

Provide Comprehensive services with Aloha to individuals & families in need so they can become Self-Sufficient

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