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Name / Location
Kanani Kaaiawahia B / , -$ 25.00  
Sophina P / , -$ 100.00  
Eva W / , -$ 5.00  
UILANI Y / , -$ 20.00  
Edward S / , -$ 20.00  
Pulouoleola S / , -$ 100.00  
Kanani B / Waianae, Hi-USA$ 50.00  
Curtis K / , -$ 4.00  
Curtis K / Honolulu, Hi-USA$ 2.00  
Curtis K / Honolulu, HI-USA$ 3.00  
Total Collected : $ 329.00
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 Discussion Rooms    The place for open discussion between the community, service providers, and current or past clients of homeless/unsheltered services.

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