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Kanani Kaaiawahia B / , -$ 25.00  
Sophina P / , -$ 100.00  
Eva W / , -$ 5.00  
UILANI Y / , -$ 20.00  
Edward S / , -$ 20.00  
Pulouoleola S / , -$ 100.00  
Kanani B / Waianae, Hi-USA$ 50.00  
Curtis K / , -$ 4.00  
Curtis K / Honolulu, Hi-USA$ 2.00  
Curtis K / Honolulu, HI-USA$ 3.00  
Total Collected : $ 329.00
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Sophina Placencia Executive Director
Executive Assistant
Outreach Department
Tulutulu 'Aunty' Toa Outreach Specialist
Corina Doi Senior Outreach Manager
Thomas 'Tom' Haines Outreach Manager
Shalani Placencia Outreach Manager
Programs Department
Tanya Tehotu Program Specialist
Falepolu 'Polu' Toa Senior Program Manager
Program Manager
Operations Department
Sashe Hernandez Operations Specialist
Troy Sampaga Senior Operations Manager
Security Manager
Thomas 'Uncle Tommy' Palmeria Jr. Resident Manager
Leipaoa 'Lei' Salausa Operations Manager
Jamie Kane Operations Manager
Sharon Moega Operations Manager
Paia 'Uncle' Toa Senior Operations Maintenance
Fiscal and Information Data Department
Regina 'Aunty Regina' Keawe-Paahana Drop-In Clerk
Kandi Agustin Shelter Clerk
Beverly 'Bev' Rodgers Fiscal Clerk
Back Office Solutions Hawaii
 "Aunty Tulu" has over 15 years experience working with the houseless on the Leeward Coast, all with Waianae Community Outreach. She continues to be a mentor, motivator and tireless advocate.

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